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100% Merino Wool Felt Western Saddle Liner

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Ideal Textile for Horses & Equestrians


The breakthrough in Steed Armor’s high-performance patent pending products results from delving back to nature’s exceptional textile, Merino wool. Merino sheep’s amazingly soft fleece adapted over thousands of years to withstand weather extremes unlike any other fiber – making it the best base layer that is:


  • Moisture Wicking.  Merino wool’s exceptionally fine fibers absorb large quantities of moisture vapor and enable evaporation better than other fibers.
  • Temperature Regulating.  Since moisture traps in heat, wicking moisture away from the skin has a cooling effect. Additionally, Merino wool has a natural crimp, which creates many very small insulating air pockets. The result is that Merino wool provides cooling in the heat, and warmth in the cold.
  • Flexible.  Merino wool’s fine fibers are curly, and so they behave like tiny coil springs, easily stretching and contracting to their former shape. This elasticity makes Merino wool ideal as the liner on an active horse.
  • Durable & Lightweight. The superfine fibers of Merino wool lend it such softness, it’s hard to believe how durable it is. And the fibers’ curly texture and unique composition make this wool remarkably light.
  • Antibacterial & Odor-Resistant. Merino wool contains lanolin and keratin, which give it antimicrobial properties.
  • Resistant to Pilling. Pilling is a natural phenomenon that occurs when shorter fibers work their way to the surface of a fabric. Due to the unique qualities of merino wool’s resilient fibers, it develops far fewer pills than any other wool.
  • Washable. Visit our Products page to see how easy it is to keep your Steed Armor products clean and lasting.


Saddle Liners are 3 mm thick and 32.5″ x 36″ for ideal fit, performance, and durability.

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