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Petite Bath Soaps - All Scents

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These B&B Bath Soap bars the just the right size to travel with or give to guests. They are made with the same moisturizing, oil-rich formula as our large Bath Soap bars but are just cut down to a smaller size! Our soaps are made with natural plant oils and cleanse your body, face, and hands without stripping your skin of natural oils or leaving you with that waxy feeling. Grab some for your guest bathroom, your next trip, or to test out a new scent!


Pomegranate Bath Soap is made with pomegranate essential oil which helps boost collagen production and gives skin a healthy glow.
Lemongrass Sage Bath Soap is made using sage essential oil which can soothe irritated skin.

Black Soap is made with activated charocal to help cut through excess sebum and dirt.

Gardener's Citrus Bath Scrub Bar is made with Moroccan Red Clay which which reduces oil while gently exfoliating skin.

Gardenia Sea Salt Bath Soap is made with the magical Himalyan Pink Salt known to be an amazing detoxifier and exfoliator.


  • 0.9 oz. bar
  • Packaged in paper box made in Denver, CO
  • Sulfate, phthalate, and paraben free
  • Naturally derived colorants
  • May contain oatmeal
  • Scent options specify the type of scent used (EO for essential oil and FR for fragrance oil) as well as whether or not the bar includes an exfoliant (for example, w/ oatmeal to show that oatmeal has been mixed into the bar).


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