Cinch Set - Patterned Latigo & Off-Billet

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Patterned Latigo Set/ Cinch Set/ Latigo and Off Billet Set

Spruce up your saddle with patterned cinch sets.  Each set includes a billet and off billet strap.

Length: Latigo 5 ft., 10 in. end to end. 

Off-billet: 3 ft., 3 in., end to end. (Also know as a "Tie Strap" or "Billet Strap")

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Questions & Answers

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  • What type of fabric is this made of?

    Heavy-duty webbed nylon.

  • Is it for just one side or both sides of the saddle

    Both sides!

  • Is this 6 feet long?

    The off billet is 3 ft., 3 in. end to end and the billet is 5 ft., 10 in. end to end.

  • Is this double ply or single?

    They are double ply.